Equine Therapy for creatives and writers

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is an interaction between horses and people designed to promote experiential learning for all the participants. In this program we interact with horses to discover our creative resources and move through potential blockages.

EFL has a long and successful history in supporting people and children to develop personal effectiveness. Applying this vast field to the area of creativity is a new frontier in the understanding of how we can tap our potential and enhance our creative lives.

EFL also promotes strategies to attain healthier relationships that in turn can improve wider group and family dynamics. EFL sessions bring together horses and people in a safe, supervised space designed to elicit positive and empowering interaction. www.efl.net.au

In essence all individuals can benefit from EFL in some way. People often need to modify their behavior, energy levels and actions in order to achieve the desired response from the horse.

Our ability to be safe, spacious, mindful and open to possibility are all key aspects of the EFL experience that can directly relate to our creativity.

Sessions are 1:1:1 – horse, facilitator (that’s me) and you!
Sessions: $90

Your facilitator
Lindy Schneider is excited to bring together the things that matter most to her in this workshop – horses, writing and healing. She is an author who delights in writing from the soul. She has a lifelong love for horses but has dived in deep in recent years to let them show her how not just her writing, but also her life is enhanced by their wisdom. She is also an instructor in Equine Facilitated Learning and an art therapist/counsellor.