Coming soon – A unique 30 day program in equine facilitated writing.

30 days of writing/30 ways of the horse – daily wisdom and writing prompts for any writer seeking nourishment and motivation – through nature and the way of the horse.


Here is a sample of what you can expect:

Day One


Just as a horse cannot be rushed to do things, so too do words need time to make their way through us and to the page. A rushed horse raises its head in indignation, refuses our requests and will be wired with adrenaline. Front hooves lock into the earth and the very energy from which life is drawn will shudder to a halt. The spaciousness needed to be with a horse, to write, becomes crowded out by both demand and expectation. Our writer’s potential suffocates and words dam up behind a wall of impatience that humans know well, but horses cannot comprehend.

Patience is more than just a moment-to-moment construct. We will take a long breath and tell ourselves we are now showing patience but with a horse, one breath is only the beginning. Patience lays bare her virtues in a relationship with a horse over months and years – decades if you are fortunate –  and writing requires us to give it that same dedication.

There is no value in rushing and impressing a ‘rule’ or action on a horse. Rather we stand alongside them and support the emerging wonder and unique aptitudes that horse has. We are in it forever and there is no rush.   They are willing if we let them be.

Writing is an act of gentle patience most of all with ourselves. If we imagine ourselves as horses, as the wild animals of instinct we already are, we can step into a ‘sense of time and space’ that exists without clock time and without fear or hurriedness. Patience helps us coax the best of ourselves to the page, a place where all our worlds converge and our words become meaningful and bright. Patience is forever. Writing is forever more.


TO WRITE: Spend a few minutes writing about what patience feels like in your body.

(C)Lindy Schneider 2017