Creativity reset

Creativity Reset – with Integrative Equine Therapy – Full day program

Free up your creative life with the way of the horse


Creativity is one of the most fundamental and essential life skills we can cultivate. We use our creativity every moment of every day, yet many people will say ‘I’m not creative.’

So what can horses teach us about our own creativity? Like us they are innately creative creatures that experience creative life as a natural way of being. There are many ways Equine Therapy can show us the way. Horses teach us about spaciousness – to put aside our ‘busy’ and find the freedom to move at a different pace.

From a place of joyful encounter, we will slow down and feel into the spaces where creativity is waiting for us. Horses also express their creativity with intent and purity –  without the limits and questioning us humans so often burden our creative lives with.

Spending a day partnered with a horse as your creativity coach is a gentle and insightful way to reignite your creative process and come to understand what myths about creativity might be holding you back and what values you hold that can elevate your practice.

An experiential workshop, this day holds the promise of new awareness, renewed motivation and a deeper appreciation for nature’s lessons. You will be immersed in the ‘real world’ and with the companionship of a horse can rekindle creative life and find new ways of expression.

Why horses? Horses are sensitive mirrors of our internal and external states. They provide feedback in an immediate and non-judgmental way and are gentle teachers that look for the best in us. No prior experience with horses is necessary – we will guide you into relationship with these magnificent creatures and support you every step of the way. (The program is groundwork based – no riding.)

During the day, we will dive into some juicy experiences with horses, make art, share with others and enjoy the combined spirit of creative women.

Drawing on practices of art therapy, mindfulness, Equine Facilitated Learning and the simple act of holding space we will discover our unique creativity blueprint and what it means to express that fully in the world. This day will be luscious and nourishing. Join like-minded women and reclaim your creative flow.

Details: Register your interest via email

Date:   Held on a Saturday  Time: 10am to 4.30pm

Bring:  Strong boots/shoes, clothes for all conditions, water bottle, plate of lunch to share, journal.

Where: Wedgetail Equine and Art Therapy, 205 Parkinsons Rd, Launching Place

Cost:    $250 plus booking fee

To book: (limited to 8 participants)

Contact: Need to know more: call Lindy on 0417 365697
Lindy Schneider first knew how much she needed horses in her life at age five, but it has taken forty years for her to have her first horse and find the solace and deep commitment of building an equine relationship every day. On reflection,  life has long been preparing her for this grand passion in equine therapy and she draws on her background in Marketing and Human Resource Management and as a Counsellor and Art Therapist in clinical practice (and tutoring) and a post-graduate qualification in writing.
She is a published author and has a keen interest in weaving together experiences for people that connects them with equine partners in the natural world to facilitate health, healing and a deeper sense of self and human potential. Her greatest lessons in life have come from her equine relationships.
She is a Level 2 instructor in Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) and enjoys supporting others to explore the same power and grace that she has come to know as essential to ‘being’ with
Supported by Kim Wren and the Wedgetail herd of wonderful equine teachers.