My intention

Good editing doesn’t show… it removes the distractions from text so that your message comes through clearly and concisely.

Your invitation

Editing is an investment in maintaining a professional brand or personal image. It provides a polish to copy that brings words to life and says you care about your reader’s experience.

Professional Editing

I can provide editing services at any stage of your development process: proofreading and final draft reviews, copyediting or structural editing.

Professional Editing includes:

Sharpening or streamlining copy
Flow and structure
Grammar, punctuation and spelling
Content, comprehension and consistency
Proofreading before publishing
Collation and presentation of materials
Design advice
Project management/overview


Repurposing is taking existing copy and adapting it to different environments. It is particularly important when preparing material for the web where messages need to be succinct and fit different reading patterns.See our Facebook Page

Editor Digital

Quality content and editing go hand in hand, yet we often see copy on the web that is poorly written. Editing is a specialist skill and a fresh pair of eyes will illuminate how your copy can be taken to the next level. In the digital environment, editing also relates to navigation and user experience, conciseness of text, readability and site architecture.

Proof reading

I provide a comprehensive proofreading service, with quick turnaround, on all written material from newsletters, digital content to full length books. A fresh set of eyes makes all the difference.