Life Writing

with Lindy Schneider

About this Course

Everyone has a story to tell and in this 4-week program you will discover tips and motivation to start writing yours. Life Writing is a popular way of documenting life experiences. It can be done for personal satisfaction or may be shared with a broader audience. It is a style of writing that draws on biography, journaling and storytelling, and offers a flexible approach to suit the writer and the story they are wanting to tell. For some people, Life Writing has provided an opportunity to explore and resolve difficult life moments and find their voice.  For communities, Life Writing is an opportunity for us all to learn more about the people around us and the unique perspective we bring to our towns.

Whether it’s a single life event, a turning point in your life or your whole life story, Life Writing is a great way to start writing, and mark your place in history.

Sessions include:

  • Practical tips for getting started
  • Identifying stories you can tell
  • Developing your story from idea through to the page
  • Finding your own unique voice and writing style
  • Techniques for researching and building story detail
  •  Polishing your story

Suitable for: anyone with an interest in writing. You don’t need to be ‘good’ or have passed English, you don’t need to have even written anything before.

For many people, the benefits of Life Writing are found in the process rather than the outcome!

You will not need to share your work.

Some at home writing will be suggested.

These classes are run thru Cire Service inc in Yarra Junction.

For class times, or to book your place go to the Cire website.

Lindy is accredited with Life Stories Australia