Zaar Bellydance

Tribal Style Bellydance troupe

Zaar Bellydance is a tribal style bellydance troupe with a reputation for hypnotic performances that express the timeless qualities of the feminine.

As a Zaar Bellydance formed in 2000 and were one of, if not the first ATS Bellydance troupes in Victoria.

Zaar is passionate about preserving the authentic roots of the ATS style and enjoy the old-school improvisational format as much today as they did when they first started dancing together. The personal bond of friendship between the women is equally valued on and off the dance floor, with the sense of tribal sisterhood being an enduring quality that adds a spark to their performances.

Zaar Bellydance is six women from the Upper Yarra Valley – Ange, Bianca, Karin, Lindy Sophie and Zade – all from the original troupe.
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Upper Yarra Writers Group

As a response to the solitary craft that is writing, I created a writers’ group to share resources, build a sense of belonging and support each other in our writing process. Now we are many, we are dynamic and we are connected. A foundation built on a network of others – that’s the ultimate consult.
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Transforming Writers Co-Founder

As co-founder of Transforming Writers Inc, a not for profit organisation, I am delighted to create this ongoing series of events to serve all writers who focus on writing as an agent for change.

The Transforming Writers event is the first event in Australia that uniquely focuses on writing as a tool of transformation and social change. Through a series of presentations, workshops, experiential and practical writing programs, interactive panel discussions and performance, we will bring together writers from the community and Melbourne to work with well regarded, world leaders in the field of writing for change, such as mystical scholar Andrew Harvey and indigenous storyteller Dr Lewis Mehl-Madrona.
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