Why create Writer’s Arena?


Living in the Yarra Valley has bought a unique sense of place to my writing. Everything I have created here has been borne from mountains and rivers. I relish the pastures of endless green and the changing of the seasons, the community that holds me and the simple life I am afforded.

My writing is from this place and I want to share it with others. My Writer’s Arena is many places, and is the weaving together of the things I have found rich in my life. This body of work I have created is about writing, but it is also about lived experience. It is about eco-psychology (read more about Eco-psychology here), mindfulness, human flourishing and the belief I have that everything we do is benefited by nature. It draws on my years of practice in counselling and art therapy as a means of discovering our ‘best life’. It brings together my love for writing and for horses, and is the most meaningful way I can contribute.

And it is practical. For today, for everyone, not just writers. Because we all need to feel the freedom to be who we are. Horses teach that, nature teaches that and I share that here.

Eco Therapy and Equine Therapy sessions are held at Wedgetail Therapy Centre.

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Half day/regularWriting in the RedwoodsWriting From The Field
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Online28 days of Natural Wisdom for Writers28 days of Natural Wisdom for Writers
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