Writing coach

Writing coaching: Personalised sessions to cultivate your writing practice

I want to see you shine! I want your words to flow and your authentic voice to be heard.

If you are searching for guidance, inspiration, and feedback, or looking to deepen your connection to your writing and find your voice then a 1:1 writing coaching session can be a valuable investment in setting your writing heart free.

What is writing coaching?

With me, writing coaching is anything you need it to be. Definitely not prescriptive, we flow where you need to go, in personalised sessions that ensure you get the support and direction you most need.

Think of me as a guide and sounding board. Sometimes we need to speak out loud to drill into what we really want to say, to hear our thoughts and make sense of them, develop insights and truths in our writing that make whatever we are working on authentic and in our own voice. But think of me as your writing champion – there to get you through the hard bits, and to celebrate the milestones along the way.

Why engage a writing coach?

A writing coach can:

  1. Keep you accountable, and support you with check ins
  2. Provide editorial support and problem solving along the way
  3. Help you finetune your manuscript (for publication)
  4. Help you with tips for overcoming procrastination and other blocks along the way
  5. Be an important and independent sounding board for your ideas and developments

Writing, like many other endeavours ­ – creative or otherwise, cannot be taken for granted. The support of a professional can be a life-affirming, word-affirming choice that sees you to the project end with a measure of grace and perhaps even a better person for the process!

What kind of projects can we work on?

I can help you with all types of writing but I do specialise in life story writing, biography and memoir. There’s something beautiful in bringing real life stories to life. These are the stories we can tell together that can change our world and bring meaning to our lives. You don’t need to write an epic tome – short stories, articles, journals and mixed media projects are all possibilities when capturing story.

I love the creative non-fiction genre.

What can you expect?

Sessions from 1-3 hours depending on what you need. I’m not into ‘packages’ and subscriptions – I want to support you in the way you need. You’re in control.

Try me out for one session – no obligation. We can then talk about what will work best for you.

Where are you located?

Lindy is based in Warburton in the Yarra Valley but works anywhere.  Our sessions can be held in nature, (and inspired by horses – optional), or in cafes, offices and lounge rooms – anywhere the words will work for you.

  • Writing studio on the Yarra River (at YREC in Warburton)
  • Wedgetail Therapy Centre, Launching Place (with access to barn paddock and forest)
  • Online: Zoom, Skype or the digital platform of your choice.
  • Location of your choice (by arrangement)

Why is Lindy your new coach?

When it comes especially to life writing, a writing coach who has the appropriate training and skills can also support you on an emotional level as you process difficult memories, problematic relationships and all the other ruminations that sometimes try and derail us (hello Imposter Syndrome!) Read more about this in my blog here.

The unique combination of writing coach for the words, but also for the emotions, is a space I have been developing for the past three decades.  And it feels like the heartland of what I am here to do. I help women (and men) tell their stories, and I do it from a place of empathy, wisdom and the belief that you have a life story that needs to be told

Lindy has a lifetime of writing experience to share with you. She is a compassionate partner in her writing process, helping you unlock your unique voice, break through your own barriers and enjoy the process of writing.

Her why is to help people tell their own story, their own way. Everyone’s story matters.

Who is Lindy?

Lindy Schneider is a published author who delights in writing from the soul. She has a post-graduate diploma of Arts in Writing and a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing. Lindy is accredited with professional biographers organisation Life Stories Australia

She is also an instructor in Equine Facilitated Learning and a qualified  Art Therapist and Counsellor.

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