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Payments and exchange

We’re all doing the best we can. If you can’t afford one of my services or workshops right now, or want to chat about a payment plan that works for you (cos we all know the future is abundant), just let me know. (Email me)

I’m open to barters and exchange–in fact I think the way forward for all of us involves way more collaboration and sharing and way less capitalism.

If you feel drawn to my work, then I will honour that in reflection.

And I will always do pro bono work for causes I believe in.

And yes, you can pay me on invoice, direct debit, Paypal and all the usual ways, but I will also accept wine, gardening, and the opportunity to share in your unique gifts–I believe in providence and what I need most may just be what you have most of to give.

And I will give you a refund no questions asked. Just ask. We will work it out.

Account details for direct debit:

A/C name: Lindy A Schneider

BSB:  633 000

A/C Number: 1453 53348