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To Ride and to Write – Honey

In 2014, I took on the care of a 15 year old rescue horse – a buckskin quarterhorse mare called Honey. She had long term injuries and had borne many foals, and she needed a forever home and some TLC to live out her years. As my first horse (I adopted her on my 45th birthday) she was also my first teacher.

This is the online diary I kept documenting our first year together and the foundation of my Writers Arena work. I dedicate all that I do to Honey, her wisdom and patience with me and the lessons she shared.

writer, lindy schneider, yarra valley communications, warburton

Planfree – authenticity as action

Sharing work in its unfinished state because I think being transparent about the writing process is important. I’m not sure if this will go anywhere. At best there may be a few paragraphs or ideas that make it into future work that I do. Lived experience is great research.

I’m simply sitting with it having gone through a few edits and several years sitting in a file unattended to. Putting it ‘out there’ gives it a chance to breathe and respond – who knows what the next step is for this 30,000 word refection?

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Roadmap to Wellness

A preventative healthcare guide for every body and every mind

Co-written/collated  by Lindy Schneider and Heather Miller for the National Institute of Integrative Medicine and Swisse Pty Ltd.

This is such a great resource with lots of evidence based research and ideas for healthy living. With sections on nutrition, movement and meditation as the foundation for preventative healthcare for all people. We even came up with 365 ways to change it up for optimal health.

The Chemical Maze – Finding Your Way

Top Tips for your home

by Lindy Schneider

Written as a free download for newsletter subscribers with an eye on SEO to help The Chemical Maze with its google search response.

Short, simple, and keyword rich!