Writing from the field

Cultivating a writing practice in nature, inspired by horses – 4 x 2 hour sessions held weekly

Writing from the Field is a unique and experiential program that explores how being in nature and partnering with a horse can bring richness and renewed self-awareness in our writing life.

Writing from the Field will take us into nature and the surrounding bushland of Wedgetail Rides Equine Therapy in the beautiful Yarra Valley, but it will also allow us to write from our own personal field and the vast experience of who we are. It will support us to discover how abundant our personal fields are, and how partnering with the field of another sentient being – a horse – can enrich our writing practice. So we write from many fields – including our field of dreams.

The program draws on the wisdom of The Tao of Equus, Mindfulness meditation, Art Therapy, yoga and the transpersonal fields of human flourishing as explored by Carl Jung.

You do not need to ‘be a writer’ but only to have an interest in exploring how nature and the steady presence of a horse might unlock the unexpected and the delightful as you put pen to page.

You may come to appreciate how horses can help us more deeply:

  • Connect us to a deeper source of inspiration – discover our muse
  • Utilise our breath more fully when writing
  • Unlock the static/deskbound nature of writing and bring movement and body awareness
  • Take cues and writing prompts from the natural world
  • Feel a sense of renewed freedom in our writing practice
  • Find delight in the word and in the presence of a horse
  • How ‘technology free’ time can bring ease in writing, on ‘horse time’
  • Explore how writing, horses and life in general can mirror one another.
  • Bring gratitude to your writing practice.

You do not need any prior experience with horses to participate and will be fully supported in your horse time based on the philosophy of Natural Horsemanship.

Bookings and enquiries Lindy on 0417 365 697

Why horses?

Horses and writing are natural companions. The sensitivity, power and freedom we witness in horses is deeply embedded in human longing, and horses are generous in their sharing of these qualities. Horses are non-judgemental mirrors and provide us with clear feedback, helping us grow. Nature, and in particular horses, have been shown in research to be beneficial in everything from managing anxiety, to building self-confidence and awareness. They influence our respiratory, emotional and mental fields in positive ways.

Your facilitator 

Lindy Schneider is excited to bring together the things that matter most to her in this workshop – horses, writing and healing. She is an author who delights in writing from the soul. She has a lifelong love for horses but has dived in deep in recent years to let them show her how not just her writing, but also her life is enhanced by their wisdom. She is also an instructor in Equine Facilitated Learning and an art therapist/counsellor.

Co facilitated by Kim Wren – Owner of Wedgetail Riders, EFL Instructor and Arts Therapist.

“Writing is a full bodied, delightful, soul expanding experience. This program will help you juice up your writing and more fully appreciate horses and our words as gifts from nature.”

This is a program that will help you find additional resources to feed your writing rather than a workshop about practical writing skills.