Work with me

Freelance Writing & Copywriting

As a specialist copy and content writer, I know the right words are an investment and I work with integrity to develop effective copy that is full of life.

I can offer a well-written response for you when demands on your time outweigh the resources, ability or inclination you have to bring your ideas to the page. My Portfolio shows my versatility and the organic nature of how I work.

Professional Editing

I can provide editing services at any stage of your development process: proofreading and final draft reviews, copyediting or structural editing.

Quality digital content and editing go hand in hand, yet we often see copy on the web that is poorly written. Editing is a specialist skill and a fresh pair of eyes will illuminate how your copy can be taken to the next level.

Ghostwriter & Commissions

You’d be surprised how often all kinds of people use ghostwriters – both professionally and personally. My words, your name, your brief – outsourcing at its finest! From articles to books, and anything in between.


I provide a comprehensive proofreading service, with quick turnaround, on all written material from newsletters, digital content to full length books. A fresh set of eyes makes all the difference.

Websites & Digital Content

A professionally written website is a necessity for every business. I can write original copy or collate and edit existing materials. Writing for the web is a specialist writing skill so it’s worth getting it right.


The web is a unique reading environment so information needs to be adapted so users stay tuned. Developing effective web content is more complex than uploading existing brochure content online. Information needs to be easy to find, quick to digest and straight to the point – all in half the time.