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About Lindy

Lindy Schneider is a freelance writer, communications specialist, writing coach and equine/arts therapist located in the Yarra Valley. Her writing life creatively brings together her greatest loves and is inspired by the search for meaning and the desire to ‘elevate the feminine’. 

She is the author of From This Place – Stories of Inspiring Women Artists of the Upper Yarra Valley (with Angela Rivas), biography Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine, the story of Professor Avni Sali and Integrative Medicine, and co-author of The Chemical Maze – Bookshelf Companion

Her short story ‘Juice’ was shortlisted in the Cancer Council Arts Awards, and she won the Best Script award for ‘Pablo’s Muse’ in Theatre Shorts 3.

She is the founder of Writer’s Arena,  which includes eco-therapy, equine therapy and creativity based ‘writing with horses’ programs that nourish writing practice with the wisdom of nature and the way of the horse.

Meaningful words for a meaningful world

I make you sound good.

I write because I delight in the power and the beauty of simple words joined together to make life better.

My Writing Practice

I write because I love the subtleties of words, the interplay between rhythm and meaning, the ways words both reveal and create emotional depth and remind us of who we are.

I play with words in all kinds of genres as each one enriches the next. I write because it is a pure experience of being real.

I share this with you here.


From commissioned articles in magazines and website content, to bespoke publications including newsletters and books, writing is a great way to ensure life-long learning.

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The Equine Connection

My writing practice is supported by nature and my passion for horses. In Writer’s Arena, I share what I’ve learnt as an eco & equine therapist, and creative practitioner.


In the Media

A collection of radio, magazine, TV and print interviews about my words and projects.

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Writing Coach

From how to get started to how to self-publish, I can share insights and best ways through the process, and help you develop your own unique voice and practice.

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Short Stories, Plays and Poetry

Read my recent words, some of which have been award winning.

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Words in progress

Books and ideas I am working on (and Ebooks to download).

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Natural wisdom for writers a free resource

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Lindy Schneider is one of our well-known and much loved contributors who has been working with Yarra Valley and Ranges magazine for many, many years.

A highly respected and talented public speaker, Lindy is passionately involved with our regional community on many levels. Her words have been published widely; she’s a natural storyteller and intuitive creative, while having a background that informs her intelligence and understanding of the commercial needs of all her clients.

We love working with Lindy –  she’s hard-working, super reliable, unique in her style, and fun to be with. We are privileged to have her as part of the team.

“Lindy is a rare commodity – articulate, highly creative and imaginative but also grounded and able to blend solutions that reflect commercial realities and business imperatives. She is emotionally intelligent and strategic, able to convey complex concepts with ease to a diverse audience and comfortable in a range of settings. Lindy is also values driven and passionate, imbibing her work with energy, passion and soul. I miss working with her.”

“After some initial discussions on requirements and style for articles in The Owner Builder magazine (TOB 165 June/July 2011), Lindy provided us with a piece that reflected the artistic nature of the home owner beautifully, while still providing the information and detail our readers enjoy. Lindy’s professional approach meant that very little rework was needed, making our layout and editing process much easier.”

“Lindy Schneider is a unique individual – caring, highly intelligent and with a rare ability to look at a marketing situation and come up with original solutions.

Above all, Lindy gives 100% to everything she undertakes. In the course of evolving Blessed Earth over a five-year period, there were several people who put in more than we could ever have asked.

Lindy is one of them and we are eternally grateful to her.”

“Lindy’s contribution to the Soft Loud House Architects website was invaluable – her intrinsic understanding of what our needs were and her easy communication skills made working with her a pleasure.

Lindy’s extensive marketing background was a blessing as she was able to guide us in the right direction as our website developed – the end result being a beautifully written site that reflected the tone, quality and aesthetic of our company.

We will look to Lindy for our future copy writing needs and happily recommend her services.”

“This is a very moving tribute to your friend. I’ve read much great writing in my years as a teacher but nothing has ever moved me to tears – this piece did. It is powerful, profound, affecting and very well constructed. The audio and visual material supplied adds much to the work, although the writing certainly stands alone as very strong work. This piece certainly should have wider distribution than family and friends. It could potentially offer great solace to others who are grieving.”

“Thank you for your significant contribution  to the company over the past 4 years. In all that you did you brought enthusiasm and communications expertise, which produced results in the short/medium term and also created a springboard for the future.

In particular, i want to acknowledge your initiative in the creation and production of LOCAL LIFE. This is now an important and much-valued part of our communication with shareholders, Community Bank customers and the wider population.”

I have known Lindy, fellow writer and story-gatherer, for a dozen or so years now. She has a unique capacity to see inside a person, to draw out the jewel within, and to paint a picture of it in words. I can’t recommend her enough as a person of depth and artistry.

Live as though all of life is artistic practice. And if you need inspiration, go to the river.

Lindy Schneider – From This Place