Writing disability stories and the NDIS

Writing disability stories and the NDIS (including VOCAT and other support service funding agencies)

Why life storytelling is important

Storytelling is how we connect. It lets us share the things that matter to us, and helps others take a ‘walk in our shoes’, to understand our histories, our longings and our way of being. Writing our stories down can also have profound benefits in helping us work through ideas and emotions, making sense of our lives.

In the disability sector story writing is also a powerful model for advocacy, helping to shift perceptions, shape conversations and effect change. Life stories can elevate the understanding and acceptance of differently abled people for the purpose of advancing inclusivity and equality.

Depending on NDIS goals, it may be possible to apply NDIS funding to writing coaching. Please check with your LAC, support coordinator or plan manager as to what is possible.

What I bring

There are many ways I can support people to bring their stories to the page.

  • Coaching for professional guidance and companionship along the writing process.
  • English and editing skill development, improve written communication skills and /or to support expression where written/communication skills are not possible/developed.
  • Interviewing, researching and drafting material as a ghost writer (on behalf of client).
  • As an adjunct to other therapies where journaling/story writing has been suggested as beneficial for self-care and agency.

A personal story is a legacy.  A clear, well written, easy to read story can be inspiring.

Using your funding

NDIS goals can include a statement about documenting a person’s life for the purpose of sharing and connection.

The activity of coaching can meet the criteria for Social and Community participation, and learning new skills, and goals can include publishing a book at the end of the process. This may be particularly valuable for people with reduced life expectancies or in end-of-life care.

Once we’ve talked about what is needed, I will prepare an individualised quote.

What do you need?

If now is the time to acknowledge and honour you or a client’s story let’s chat about working together. I provide a flexible service, personalised to client needs. From a long form book project, to a series of shorter stories, from editing existing material to coaching clients to help them write, I provide a sensitive service and can work with verbal and written source material.

I can also assist in preparing other documentation such as impact statements etc for Plan Reviews.


This is Lindy

I am based in the Yarra Valley, but I am able to travel. I can also provide sessions via Zoom, telephone or similar.

I have a few qualifications under my name [Grad Dip Arts (Writing), BComm (Marketing, Management), Dip Professional Writing and Editing, Dip Counselling, Dip Art Therapy, Equine Therapist] but I’ve learnt the most through lived experience and from the amazing clients that have trusted me along the way.

I’ve been supporting NDIS clients as an Equine Therapist, and as the parent to a teenager who is an NDIS participant, I’ve also had years of experience on the client side as well.

Please note: I don’t provide a transcription service but can recommend my Life Stories Australia colleague Sally-Anne at On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading for transcription and other writing/coaching support. Email info@ontimetyping.com for enquires and quotes. Sally has also written a comprehensive blog about NDIS funding for writing, which I share with her permission here.